OUR Ingredients

Palm Cactus

This plant can not only survive the harsh deserts but also soothe and hydrate your skin 5x better than aloe vera. Rich in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants it will help to calm your skin and fight both acne and aging.

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Korean Black Raspberry Root

This patented ingredient that you’ll only find at Yadah has excellent antibacterial properties that calms and treats acne. It will help you control sebum whilst moisturising and softening your skin.

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Green Tea

This powerful antioxidant with vitamin C, E and A helps you detoxify, fight off free radicals and skin ageing. At the same time it controls sebum, reduces inflammation and provides long-lasting moisture to your skin.

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Naturally beautiful with products from nature

At Yadah we care about the health of your skin and our planet. We want to create products made from the best and safest natural ingredients that honestly work for your skin. Founded from a mother’s search for safe and reliable products to apply on her children’s skin


Our products and ingredients are certified to be good for your health and free from harmful chemicals. Most of our products are also vegan and we continuously search for product that could really benefit not just humans but the world.

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